Is Menopause Affecting Your Weight?

Is Menopause Affecting Your Weight?

Are You Suddenly Gaining Weight Too Easily?

Are you noticing that weight seems to cling on during menopause, making it seem almost impossible to shed?

You're not alone.

According to the South African Medical Research Council:

About 70% of women over age the of 35 are considered clinically overweight or obese…

And most women gain about 0.7 Kg's per year during their late 40's to 60's.

This weight gain isn’t due to a lack of healthy habits.

This change is often linked to menopause-related hormonal imbalances...

Which can lead to increased appetite and altered metabolism.

It's a natural part of the body's response to hormonal changes.

But managing weight effectively during menopause involves more than just diet control.

Here's why this matters:

Not all methods for weight management address the unique challenges faced during menopause.

The root of weight gain lies in the hormonal changes, affecting hunger signals and body composition.

Most weight loss approaches often fail to address this...

Which requires targeting the underlying hormonal impact on appetite and metabolism.

Youthology's Bioactive collagen formula is tailored to address these specific needs...

Providing support for appetite control and metabolic balance.

Including key components such as:

  • Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides: Promotes satiety and appetite control, aiding in weight management during menopause.
  • Glycine: Supports muscle mass maintenance, essential for a healthy metabolism and weight control in menopause.
  • Arginine: Enhances fat metabolism and protein-to-muscle conversion, key for healthy weight amidst menopausal hormonal shifts.

And starting your weight management is easy...

With only one spoon of our collagen powder into your morning routine...

You can spark your journey towards feeling in control of your body and confident, every day.

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